The ceiling lighting INPLES DESIGN creates new perspectives and solutions to the home and environment lovers, satisfying the new way of living and creativity with new trends and ideas. It allows to have the best environment fashion using only LEDs light, creates light effects, reflections and natural shadows, a modern touch and essential lighting with energy saving and environmental sustainability.

" It expresses a clear idea of technological luxury, revolutionizes the concept of lighting , makes intelligent inside what is beautiful outside".





Minicell is a ceiling lamp with Power LEDs with reduced dimensions but with high brightness (comparable to the old 100W incandescent light bulb). They have a simple and elegant design, harmonious curves replaced edges and corners, are ideals for use in restricted areas or where it looks for the non-visibility.
MINICELL is made with chromed steel or brass and Plexiglas lens. Their electronics technology INPLES, allows it to also operate in "Light of Emergency".

Their power is with external driver .



dim.: 10x10x4 cm.

lumen 1260 - consumption 9W

input with external driver

                         P.I. 00378110415