The downlight INPLES DESIGN "Collection SKY" are new way of distribution, diffusion and transport of light. They are characterized by a new and innovative design "Made in Italy": combines our LEDs  light INPLES with simple and seductive transparency harmonious shapes, similar to the stars of the sky with bright boundless shades. Powered by the specified driver, have the function of emergency light, as a product more innovative and technologically advanced.






The model STAR concentrates the light emitted by the LEDs in a wide cone of incisive light, with an angle of 40 degrees; the positioning of the light source in line with the ceiling,  simple and sinuous forms, its external frame that fades to the light emission point, make the light source disappear, to leave just the beauty of light.







The model MOON diffuses the light emitted by the LEDs uniformly at 180 degrees, hides the punctiform and dazzling effect. Combining high light output at a great visual comfort; its spherical shape and its frame gradient of brightness make the fixture disappear, leaving only the beauty of the astral light.





Dimension cm.: Diam. 7,8 x H 3,8

Light colors: Warm White - Neutral White

Power/Luminosity: 3W / 280 lm (min.)

Energy saving: >90%

Life: >50.000 hours / 35 Years* (*4 hours/day)

Input: with driver INPLES

Warranty: 2 years  






              P.I. 00378110415