The ceiling lighting INPLES DESIGN creates new perspectives and solutions to the home and environment lovers, satisfying the new way of living and creativity with new trends and ideas. It allows to have the best environment fashion using only LEDs light, creates light effects, reflections and natural shadows, a modern touch and essential lighting with energy saving and environmental sustainability. 

" It expresses a clear idea of technological luxury, revolutionizes the concept of lighting , makes intelligent inside what is beautiful outside".



Mod. ONDA 18

dim.: 51x45x8,5 cm.

lumen 1680 (min.) - consumption 20W

input 100/240VAC 50/60 Hz





ONDA LED Ceiling Lights


The collection is characterized by simple and elegant shapes with unique character, where innovative and harmonious curves are highlighted by fine and brilliant lacquers (ONDA 18) in a variety of colors, made ​​from the best Italian masters polishers.

The version with opal glass recalls the familiarity with the light of always.
It the first to enrich the world of lighting highly innovative with a strong spirit.

The innovations of LED light and harmonious curves are combine perfectly with each other, is the expression of the most sophisticated and modern design.

This production INPLES DESIGN uses as light source the best Power LED with high brightness:

ONDA18 version  is comparable to the old 200W incandescent bulb

ONDA9 is comparable to 100W










Mod. ONDA 9

dim.: 19,5x17x3 cm.

lumen 1260 - consumption 9W

input with external driver










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